Aladin Anyebe aka St. Aladin has been singing right from his high school days at St. Murumba College, Jos-Nigeria. He was one of the lead singers in a choir that was put together by Rev. Fr. Fergus Thouy, an Irish missionary. 


After high school, he relocated to Lagos to further pursue his dream to become a professional singer. His efforts later culminated in the release of a debut Nigerian album on Z-Mirage Music label in 2000. Although lacking adequate promotions , a song from that album became a street anthem in Nigeria. A remix of the same song "Aladin Mai Gemu" on P-Wise Music label 2 years later catapulted him into front line of the music industry.

That music industry was universal in his mind. Which was one of the reasons why he migrated to Austria in Central Europe around 2003.

In Austria, he worked with front line electronic music producers on projects. Prominent among these collaborations is work with I-Wolf of the Sofa Surfers collective. Other projects include features with Megablast ( Luv Lite Recordings); Rodney Hunter (G-Stone Recordings); Cay Tylan(Couch Records) and Trishes (FM4 soundpark/Beattown).

After a long time navigating the often uncertain music industry terrains from Africa to Europe, Aladin started busking and has found a love for the instant feedback and joy of people who stop by to listen to him sing in the streets. 

He loves to sing and that gives him the strength to keep keeping on.

Pic by Lea Nemes

Pic by Lea Nemes